Обучение на медицинском оборудовании компании Физиотехника

Physiotechnica company recommends training on our equipment.

Training is conducted in the following directions:

-  Spine traction on “Atlanta” complex;

- Underwater shower-massage on “Gulf Stream” hydrotherapy bath;

- Charcot’s shower on Vuoksa Optima platform.

Training is carried out according to approved programs with the involvement of highly qualified teachers.

Employees who apply for training are provided with the necessary conditions, namely: training materials, training manuals (normative and technical documentation).

The content of the implemented programs corresponds to the qualification requirements and professional standards.

Forms of training are selected at the request of the Customer:

  • Intramural (traditional training with a group as part of the schedule)
  • Intramural contract (training with a group on individual date agreement)
  • Extramural (training on your territory)

The qualification document is issued on the standard form, valid throughout the territory of the Russian Federation.

All detailed information can be obtained from our partners:

“Institute of Innovative Medicine”

Address: St. Petersburg, Varshavskaya Str. 5, bld. 3, lit. A

phone: +7 (812) 441 35 19

e-mail: info@spbiim.ru

Curator of the training program - Tatyana Naumova