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What are treated with galvanic baths?

Galvanic bath is a medical physiotherapeutic device that combines electroplating and hydroaction and is used in complex therapy of many diseases.

The essence of the therapeutic method of galvanization is based on the property of tissues of the body to redistribute ions under the influence of a small current of constant frequency and low voltage. Which in turn leads to changes in enzyme activity, permeability of cell membranes, level of metabolic processes in the body — facilitating and accelerating the recovery of patients.

Not all fabrics are capable of conducting galvanic current. The skin, bones, ligaments, tendons do not have sufficient free fluid in their composition. Therefore, procedures should be assigned only by a qualified specialist who, depending on the pathology, determines the intensity and duration of the galvanic effect on a particular parts of the body.

Hydrogalvanic procedures are much more comfortably tolerated by patients than classical electrotherapy with electrodes superimposed on various parts of the body. This is especially important when carrying out procedures for age patients, or those whose skin has reduced barrier function and increased sensitivity.

Indications for treatment of patients with galvanic baths:

The application of galvanization in trophic disorders (hemodynamics and microcirculation disorders), lesions of the peripheral nervous system (neuromyositis, neuritis, plexitis), arterial hypotonia, diseases of the gastrointestinal tract and other diseases.

Contraindications for use:

Strongly contraindicated the use of procedures in the presence of malignant neoplasms, acute inflammatory processes (including purulent), accompanied by an increase in body temperature, with pregnancy, fever, fibrillation, severe circulatory insufficiency and others.

Detailed indications and contraindications, as well as a description of general and specific effects, are provided on the pages of each particular product.

Types of galvanic baths

Depending on the purpose and design features, galvanic baths can be common (complete) when the whole body of the patient is immersed in water, and local (partial) when exposure is carried out on a certain area of the body, most often - limbs.

Among the local baths are widely popular multi-chamber, allowing to act at once on several areas of the body, for example, on the hands and feet of the patient.

You can buy a galvanic bath for your medical institution in many specialized stores.

But we offer you products of our own production, guaranteeing:

  • minimum time of production and delivery of equipment;
  • high quality, reliability, durability;
  • functional equivalence to foreign counterparts at economic accessibility;
  • operational technical support (installation, diagnosis, repair, spare parts supply).

We are ready to supply you both complete electro-galvanic baths and four-chamber baths, which can be used in a number of cases even in concomitant diseases of the central nervous and cardiovascular systems, because it is much easier to carry by patients than by general ones.


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