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Professional “Aqua-galvanica” electrogalvanic bath is designed for general hydrogalvanic procedures (Stanger bath) in treatment and prevention, health resort, rehabilitation, sports and recreation facilities, as well as in cosmetology and spa centers. Due to the possibility of equipping this equipment with the system of underwater hydromassage*, the bath allows to carry out complex physiotherapy procedures with application of underwater shower-massage.

During the procedure of the general galvanic Stanger bath, a person immersed in the bath is exposed to longitudinal and transverse effects of the current. Longitudinal currents are divided into ascending (where the cathode is the electrode in the head of the bath) and descending (where the cathode is the electrode in the bath wear) procedures.

Indications for the use of a general galvanic bath are:

  • arterial disorders of blood circulation
  • central paresis with increased tone (descending procedure)
  • central hypotension (ascending procedure)
  • extensive peripheral paresis, e.g. lumbar nerve plexus paresis (ascending procedure)
  • arthrosis of large joints
  • rheumatic diseases
  • degenerative diseases of the spinal column: Bekhterev's disease, osteochondrosis
  • ishias
  • circulatory disorders in the hand or leg
  • reflex sympathetic dystrophy in stage I of the lower limb
  • spastic hemiplegia with reduced tone
  • flaccid peripheral paresis (ascending procedure)

Total impact

- stimulates the immune system

- enhances metabolism

Specific impact

The ascending and descending procedures when taking a galvanic bath are the most effective.

- longitudinal current flow, where the cathode is the electrode in the head of the bath (ascending procedure):

  • excitement of the nervous system
  • increased excitability and muscle tone

- longitudinal current flow, where the anode is the electrode in the headboard (descending procedure):

  • calming the nervous system
  • decreased muscle and vascular tone

- transverse current flow:

  • pain reduction
  • improving blood supply

Contraindications (absolute)

  • tumor
  • acute processes of bacterial or viral disease (risk of spread)
  • presence of pacemaker
  • heart failure
  • circulatory disorders
  • presence of osteosynthetic material in the area of passage
  • incontinence
  • extensive damage to the skin, eczema of the skin
  • intrauterine pessary

“Aqua-galvanica” electrogalvanic bath is designed for hydrotherapeutic procedures of general galvanization using currents of different density of threshold and above-threshold level.

The body of “Aqua-galvanica” bath is made of high-strength fiberglass. The operating life of the bed is more than 10 years.

“Aqua-galvanica” bath is equipped with 8 plate electrodes located along the perimeter of the bath bed (one electrode in the head area, one electrode in the foot area, and 6 electrodes are located along the bath, 3 on each side respectively). For local action on the lower limbs in the knee and ankle area, the bath is equipped with a removable electrode, which is fixed in the wear of the bath and when used during the procedure is fixed by a fastening system so that the surface of the electrode is located between the two lower limbs. All electrodes are made of stainless steel and are removable (for maintenance and cleaning if necessary).

Adjustment of the temperature of the filled fresh water for the procedure is carried out by means of a thermometer and taps for filling cold and hot water. Microprocessor control unit with a rotary digital touch display allows you to create customized programs with a defined duration, electrode polarity and use of up to 9 different therapeutic currents. The memory of the microprocessor unit is designed for 10 individual programs with the possibility of their replacement or reconfiguration.

Adjustment of the current intensity (density) is performed at each specific procedure manually by the doctor from 0 level (0mA) to threshold or above threshold based on individual sensations of each patient.

In order to carry out independent technical inspection of electrodes as well as initial determination of the conductivity of water in a specific medical institution where the equipment is installed, “Aqua-galvanica” bath has a test mode of performance check.

“Aqua-galvanica” bath is designed for symmetrical connection of electrodes (the number of oppositely charged electrodes should be equal), at that does not meet this condition, the bath will not turn on.

The current is gradually increased from zero to the threshold (above threshold), accompanied by minor pain in the patient, which should be compensated within 15 seconds per account of the analgesic effect of galvanization. In case of continuing pain in the patient, the doctor reduces the current density to the threshold value.

As an additional feature of the equipment, the bath “Aqua-galvanica” can be equipped with a system of underwater shower-massage*. Reliable centrifugal pump provides a set water pressure in the feed hose up to 5 atm. The basic set of underwater hydromassage includes 4 interchangeable jet nozzles of different diameters. Additionally, it is possible to order slotted and/or rain nozzle. All nozzles are made of light polymer material that does not scratch or damage the coating of the bath bed, and a flexible non-transparent hose for underwater shower-massage makes the equipment aesthetically pleasing. If this option is available, the bath mode (“galvanic bath mode” or “underwater massage mode”) is activated by means of a special switch located on the the body of the bath.

Convenient and intuitive control panel allows medical personnel to easily control bath operation modes and ensures safety during operation.

The original shape of the bed, a special hanging headrest, comfortable side handrails, allow the patient to stay comfortably during the procedure.

A single-level stair-step (pedestal) is supplied to “Aqua-galvanica” electrogalvanic bath, which facilitates access to the bath, and the anti-slip coating of the stair-step ensures the patient's safety when leaving the bath after the procedure.

The body of “Aqua-galvanica” bath (the bed and side panels), as well as the stair-step can be made in any color version according to RAL palette*, which allows pleasing any requirements of the author's design. The standard colors of the basic equipment are blue (RAL 5012) or white (RAL 9003).

* - additional options not included in the standard package

Technical specifications

Total volume of the Bath, l 450±5%
Useful volume of the Bath, l 320±5%
Overall dimensions of the bath (LxWxH), mm 2060х850х1060
Internal (largest) bath dimensions (LxWxH), mm 1645х710х530
Hot and cold water connection pipe 3/4"
Bath filling time, min 
* At a pressure of water in the supply pipe 4.5 bar.
Bath drain time, min 5±1
Diameter of drain hole, mm 50
Maximum power consumption, W 1150 in the shower-massage mode, 500 in the galvanic mode
when working in the electroplating mode 500
when working in the mode of underwater shower-massage 1 150
Noise level, dB* 
in the operation of the underwater hydromassage system
Pressure in the USM hose, bar* 0.4 to 4.8 (on a smaller diameter nozzle)
* - additional option  
Deviation of the readings of the built-in thermometer from the actual water temperature, °С ±2
Rated voltage, V 220-240
Deviation of the built-in pressure gauge from the actual pressure in the USM hose, bar* ± 0,1
Weight of the standard package of the bath, kg 130

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