Maximum power
3 kW
Volume of water to be poured
1350 liters
Overall dimensions (LxWxH):
2610x1455x900 mm
Maximum water temperature, ° С
17 221 €

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The company Physiotechnics, the leading Russian manufacturer of hydrotherapy equipment, is pleased to present its new product to you - MEDICAL WATER-IMMERSION COT / BATH "FLOATING POSEIDON".

The approximate start date of sales is August 2021 (obtaining a registration certificate).

Float (English) - swim, stay on the water. Currently, there are various installations for floating. All of them are based on immersion in water, but there is a fundamental difference: they can be both wet and dry, with contact and without contact with water, respectively.

The Poseidon dry floating model was developed primarily as medical equipment, but can also be delivered in a version for private use. The equipment in its technical characteristics has no analogues in the Russian market.

Floating allows a person to completely relax and get rid of stress without the use of pharmaceuticals, to restore strength after a hard working day, or sports competition. The equipment allows you to create an unforgettable feeling of "weightlessness on earth."

The therapeutic effect is based on the technique of sensory deprivation - a partial or complete cessation of external influence on one or several senses (visual, auditory analyzer), which can significantly reduce the flow of nerve impulses in the central nervous system and contribute to complete relaxation of the body. The almost complete absence of load on the spine and all muscle groups, which cannot be achieved by other methods, allows you to normalize blood pressure, heart rate, improve blood flow through the vessels and saturate the organs with oxygen. The anti-aging effect is manifested in the form of smoothing wrinkles on the face (against the background of complete relaxation of muscle muscles). During the procedure, the production of endorphins - “molecules of happiness” is stimulated.

Technically, the Poseidon bath is a container filled with water and air, with a very thin and very durable multilayer waterproof membrane tightly attached to the sides. The equipment can be equipped with powerful low-noise motors with a capacity of up to 50,000 liters an hour, creating a very comfortable hydro-aero-massage effect of the whole body.

The person accepting the procedure is laid on pre-expanded fabric. A rigid bed is located under the fabric, which then drops to a depth of 60-70 cm in water and rises after the procedure is completed.

The main advantage of the dry floating system over the contact one, where the patient lies directly in a concentrated aqueous solution of salt, is the safety of the procedure, the patient has no fear of drowning, the ability to take a comfortable pose lying on his back or side, the absence of contraindications associated with contact with saline, the possibility holding a session in clothes.


Floating is especially indicated:

for pain, treatment and prevention of diseases of the musculoskeletal, nervous, cardiovascular and immune systems, during rehabilitation after diseases and injuries;
if necessary, a quick recovery of strength and increase the adaptive capabilities of the body;
during work and lifestyle associated with constant stress and stress;
for the desire to relax and plunge into yourself;
for rejuvenating the body, preventing premature aging.
to awaken the creativity of the brain (reviews of those who tried floating say that the procedure resembles a “waking dream” - a person is on the verge of sleep and wakefulness, which stimulates the brain and promotes the awakening of creative abilities).

Regular visits to floating procedures are recommended for pregnant women who suffer from increased stress on the spine and stress.

The duration of one floating session is 40-60 minutes, and the course consists of 5-10 procedures that are carried out 1-3 times a week. In order to relax and prevent the development of stressful conditions, the procedure is recommended to be performed on average once a month.


Contraindications and side effects

Dry floating practically has no contraindications, but it should be used with caution to people suffering from high or low pressure.


The operating mode of the immersion bath "Poseidon":

Water temperature maximum 36 C
Patient weight max 180 kg
The procedure time is determined by the operator
Built-in hydromassage (option)
The volume of the filled in water is 1350 liters
Maximum power 3,5 kW


Overall dimensions (LxWxH):

2610x1455x900 mm

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