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Medical lifts

Medical lifts are specialized devices that make patient care much easier during treatment. They are used, for example, to move people from the chair to the bathroom or pool and back, as well as to move people with disabilities. More often used in medical institutions, but can also be used at home when caring for disabled or lying patients.

By functional purpose lifts are classified as follows:

  • lifts for moving (from place to place - mainly horizontally);
  • bath lifts (for diving, vertical - mainly);
  • lifts for stairs (devices for moving through stairs — mainly in a wheelchair).

By design features, they can be divided into several types of

  • booster (like lifting cranes);
  • screw;
  • platform type (usually crawler or wheeled ladder lifts).

There are a number of classification features (mobility, size, load capacity, drive type — hydraulic or electric, etc.) In general, a large number of different devices belong to the class of medical lifts.

Our company specializes in the production of water treatment equipment. It is logical to produce and related equipment - diving lifts.

Along with various types of baths, you can buy a medical lift for disabled people from us.

We offer several types of lifts to immerse patients in pools and baths with different types of water (fresh and mineral) — for hygienic and hydrotherapeutic procedures. as well as to move patients from a wheelchair.

In this case, the lifts can be both jiffy and screw.

Common properties for them are

  • Reliability (the main components of the mechanism are made of high quality stainless steel);
  • comfort for the patient (the seat anchorage system in all modifications of the lifts is equipped with an additional beam that prevents the seat from swaying during the lifting or descent of the patient);
  • Easy to use (the lift is rotated with minimal effort, the control of the rise-lift is carried out by a convenient removable remote control).

The unique design of the pivot mechanism of our lifts is designed for heavy loads.

We manufacture medical lifts for baths and swimming pools individually for each customer according to its technical conditions. It is also possible to adapt to the structural and design features of the installation site.

At the request of the customer, the seat can be additionally equipped with support for the legs.