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The medical lift for pools is designed to move patients with disabilities to the water working area of the pool, including during various hydrotherapeutic procedures.

The medical lift for pools is manufactured individually for each Customer, according to its specifications. The main components of the lift are made of high quality stainless steel without use of powder coating. The mast of the lift is equipped with an additional beam that prevents the rocking of the seat during the lifting or descending of the patient.

At the customer's request, the seat can be equipped with a foot support*. Due to the uniqueness of the design, the pivot mechanism can withstand heavy loads.

A convenient handle allows the staff to roll out the lift with minimal effort, and a removable and intuitive control panel makes the process of operation of this equipment comfortable and safe. A special locking device is used to secure against rotation.

The medical lift for pools of “Physiotechnica” company can be made in two variants of power supply of the motor mechanism:

- power supply from 220 V network through the transformer 220х24 V;

- 24 V battery power supply.

Rechargeable batteries allow you to carry out procedures throughout the day, without additional charging and are purchased by the customer in case of inability to bring the electric cable to the base of the lift. When the battery is discharged, a beep is heard. After full discharge, the battery is replaced for a spare battery and is connected to the charger. 

In the case of power supply from the network, the cable is laid in the floor screed, in the cable channel, to the base of the lift. The water-protected transformer unit is fixed in the basement (under the lift) or on the opposite wall directly in the pool room.

This method of connection is preferred for frequent use of the lift.

* - additional options not included in the standard package

Technical specifications

Overall dimensions of the lift Individual order
Maximum load capacity, kg 150
Average speed of movement of the lift bed when moving up, mm/s 15 ±10%
Average speed of movement of the lift bed when moving down, mm/s 18 ± 10%
Maximum number of cycles (lifting - descending) of the lift bed when the battery is fully charged and at the maximum load on the bed 12
Rated battery voltage, V 24
Battery capacity, A ∙ h 2,9
The charger is connected to an AC power supply with a cord of length, m 1,2
Maximum power consumption when charging batteries, W 20

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