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A medical lift for chamber baths in the shape of a chair is designed for moving and comfortable accommodation of patients in any procedure in 4-chamber and other limb baths.

This equipment is recommended by “Physiotechnica” company for procedures in patients with disabilities, as well as in any other cases when placing a person in the bath is difficult due to old age, injuries, etc.

The medical lift for chamber baths is a mobile, compact structure with an electric drive. The main components of the lift are made of stainless steel. The seat is firmly fixed to the lift stand, which moves the chair in a vertical direction thanks to the lift mechanism.

Rotatable wheels and small dimensions ensure high maneuverability of the lift in space, even in small rooms. The compact design allows the personnel to move the lift with minimal effort, and the removable and clear control panel makes the operation of this equipment convenient and safe.

The lift does not require frequent maintenance. Rechargeable batteries allow you to carry out procedures throughout the day, without additional charging. Batteries are recharged from a standard 220 V network. The indicator panel will show the battery discharge level. When the batteries are fully charged, there is a “save battery” function. Therefore, between working days you can leave the lift connected to the 220 V network (the operation of the device is similar to charging a mobile phone). The package includes two batteries for operation according to the principle: one on charge, one in operation

Technical specifications

Overall dimensions, LxWxH, mm 770х760х1170(1570)
Weight of equipment, kg 35
Maximum load capacity, kg 120
Average speed of movement of the lift, mm/s  
when moving up 20 ±10 %
when moving down 24 ± 10 %
Maximum number of cycles (lifting - descending) of the lift bed when the battery is fully charged and at a load of 150 kg 100 kg 22
Rated battery voltage, V 24
Battery capacity, A ∙ h 2,9
Maximum power consumption when charging batteries, W 20

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