60 l
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The heating:
of fangoparaffin, paraffin, ozocerite
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Kitchen for preparation of fangoparaffin GF-2-60 is designed for carrying out necessary operations during preparation of fangoparaffin, paraffin, ozocerite for therapeutic use. It can be used in outpatient, inpatient and health resort medical organizations, as well as in health complexes, centers of aesthetic medicine, cosmetology and SPA salons, using fangoparaffin, paraffin, ozocerite as a therapeutic factor.

The Kitchen may consist of:

  • boiler for preparation of fangoparaffin GF-2-60 (capacity 60l, performs the functions of stirring, separation, heating and spilling of fangoparaffin)
  • THERMAL CABINET IS DESIGNED TO MAINTAIN THE REQUIRED TEMPERATURE OF FANGOPARAFFIN MIXTURES. Made of stainless steel. Performs the function of maintaining the set temperature inside the chamber for storage of trays with ready fangoparaffin mixtures from +40°C to +55°C. 
  • The working table is made of stainless steel (designed for carrying out the necessary operations during the preparation of fangoparaffin). 2-section working table with thermal cabinet or without it, wardrobe and door - 1300х980±30х760; 3-section working table with or without thermal cabinet, 2 cabinets, door and open section for trays - 1945х980±30х760. Can be equipped with a sink with a mixer (optional).
  • trolley (intended for transportation of trays with prepared fangoparaffin mixture to the place of direct procedure, or for storage of trays) (optional).

The boiler is made of stainless steel with double walls filled with heat carrier for constant and uniform heat exchange. The external panels are made of stainless steel. High level of thermal insulation is provided by additional thermal insulation. The cover is equipped with: an opening sensor that stops stirring; a pneumatic lift for easy opening.

Equipment of the boiler:

- The cover and lid of the mixer are made entirely of stainless steel.
- The lid of the mixer is equipped with a gas spring and a special heat-insulated handle.
- The boiler is made of stainless steel, with full thermal insulation, heating is carried out by heating element 4,5 kW.
- Equal mixing and heating of the application mass in the mixer provides double mixing impeller.
- Silent gear motor (with motor protection).
- The heated fangoparaffin is filled through a drain ball valve built in the bottom of the mixer.


  • Setting one of several levels of temperature regime for fangoparaffin preparation
    - Constant mixing with timer control 0 - 60 min.
    - Interval stirring and heating,
    - Sterilization mode (at 120°C)
    - Indication of mixer operation parameters: network control, mixing mode control, heating to programmed temperature, thermometer control of work with light commands for heating and sterilization.
    - Protective thermostat prevents excess temperature
    - Motor protection system against overloads and voltage drops
    - Automatic stop of mixing blades when opening the mixer lid

Complete with the Kitchen, we recommend to purchase the System with a thermostat for storing fangoparaffin mixtures*

*Kitchen equipment is selected individually, based on the needs and premises of the customer.

Technical characteristics of GF-2-60 boiler

Overall dimensions of the boiler (LxWxH), mm


Volume, l


Diameter of drain hole, mm

50 (±3) 

Rotation speed of the blades of the mixing device of the boiler (without load), rpm.

24 (±3)

Built-in thermostat, range,oC

40 to 80 (120 sterilization mode)

Temperature setting step,oC


Timer setting mixing time, min.

0 to 60 (at intervals of 1 min)

Electric power supply

Three-phase AC network with 380 V voltage and 50 Hz frequency

Power consumption, kW


Weight, kg


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