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The system with a thermal cabinet for storing fangoparaffin mixtures is designed to maintain the required temperature of fangoparaffin mixtures. It can be used in outpatient, inpatient and health resort medical organizations, as well as in health complexes, centers of aesthetic medicine, cosmetology and SPA salons for procedures with fangoparaffin, paraffin and ozocerite.

The System consists of:

- thermal cabinet (includes 12 trays)

- working table (designed for carrying out necessary operations in preparation of fangoparaffin), can be equipped with sink with mixer

- a trolley(intended for transportation of trays with prepared fangoparaffin mixture to the place of direct procedure, or for storage of trays)

The thermal cabinet is made of stainless steel. Performs the function of maintaining the set temperature inside the storage chamber of trays with ready fangoparaffin mixtures from +20° C to +55° C.

When ordering additional equipment in the form of the boiler for preparation of fangoparaffin GF-2-60, holes for fixing the boiler are performed on the surface of the countertop.

Complete with the System, we recommend purchasing the Kitchen for preparation of fangoparaffin*

*System configuration is selected individually, based on the needs and premises of the client.

Technical specifications

Overall dimensions (LxWxH), mm

with 2 section table (LxWxH), mm

with 3 section table (LxWxH), mm




Weight, kg

with 2 section table (LxWxH), kg

with 3 section table (LxWxH), kg




Tray size, (LxWxH) mm


Work modes

Automatic maintenance of the set temperature.

Power of the heating element, W


Built-in thermostat, range

от +20 оС до +55 оС

Temperature setting step.

5 оС

Electric power supply

AC voltage 220 (±22) V, frequency 50 Hz

Power consumption, W


Number of trays

12 pcs.

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