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“NTM -16” thermal compress heater is designed for heating of thermal compresses, which are used for heating procedures, in a water bath.

The heater can be used in physiotherapy rooms of medical institutions, in health resort institutions, in sports and health institutions. 

Special features:

The whole structure, together with the cassettes, is completely made of stainless steel and equipped with height-adjustable legs

The heater has 16 racks on which the thermal compresses are suspended

The comfortable cover is equipped with a gas lift, which allows it to keep it open

Indication of temperature setting and control on the heater control panel

The water temperature regulator has the ability to set the water temperature in the range from +30 to +55 °C

from +30 to +55 °C


“NTM -16” medical thermal compress heater,

1 cassette with racks.


Reusable thermal packages (heat carrier) are put into NTM-16 thermal compress heater (water bath), maintaining a constant temperature up to 50°C.  Their peculiarity is long preservation of heat. The packages have a different area depending on the area of the body on which they will be used.  

Methodology of the mud treatment procedure:

Variant 1

On the body of the patient lying on the abdomen consistently superimposed:

-mud applicator room temperature,

-heated thermal package,


- a blanket.

Variant 2

On the couch for mud procedures consistently stacked:


-disposable sheet,

-heated thermal package

-mud applicator room temperature

Then the patient is placed with his back on the application and wrapped.

Mud applicator is purchased from specialized manufacturers or manufactured independently by medical personnel. 

Applicators are bags with therapeutic mud in the size of thermal compresses, one side of the package is a regular film, the other side is a membrane material through which the colloidal part of the mud penetrates.

The method has proved to be one of the most effective in terms of the result of treatment. A special feature is the high economic and environmental component. The customer saves storage space for hundreds of kilograms of mud and does not worry about its disposal. 

Methodology of the mud treatment procedure:



Dimensions, mm  940х540х960
Weight, kg 75
Amount of water to be filled 40-80
Power, kW
Voltage, V 220 


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