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Back pain in most cases is caused by acquired (professional, traumatic) or age-related loss of elasticity of intervertebral discs.

Losing their elasticity, they deform. As the cushioning lining of the vertebrae thinning, bone structures rubbing against each other. Over time, the worn cartilage tissue begins to function poorly, the spinal cord roots are squeezed by the vertebrae, compression causes the development of intervertebral hernia and pain syndrome.

Pain relief by spine extraction system

Системы вытяжения позвоночника от компании Physiotehnica

To relieve pain, doctors have long tried to distance the vertebrae from each other with the help of traction — stretching the body of the patient under the influence of own weight or additional burdening. Extraction of the spine reduces compression, “pushes” bone elements, stretches the bone tube. This leads to the removal of pain syndrome, elimination of muscle spasm, stops further destruction of cartilaginous and dense structures. Such treatment is called myorelaxation traction therapy and is carried out with the help of special equipment. Extracts the spine apparatus, called the tractor table.

Even more effective in orthopedic and neurological practice is not “dry” traction, but underwater traction, when the patient is immersed in warm water for the procedure.

Water compensates the gravitational load, and the procedure becomes more gentle. At the same time, the patient reflexively improves blood circulation and decreases muscle tone, reducing muscle contractures.

For underwater procedures, LLC “Physiotekhnika” offers physiotherapeutic complexes (systems) of stretching the spine of its own production.

Spine Extraction — apparatus from “Physiotekhnika”

Our company is the only one in the country produces complex devices that implement underwater spine extraction by all basic methods:

  • sagging (on Kiselev);
  • pulling in constant mode with dosing load (according to Lisunov);
  • combined traction in constant mode (Pushkareva and Vozdvizhenskaya);
  • variable mode of tractions (loading intensity dosing occurs directly during the session) both on Lisunov and Pushkareva and Vozdvizhenskaya.

This versatility of our spine extraction systems (devices and complexes) allows doctors to select their patients an individual dose of load depending on the course of the disease, provide a more gentle effect by cyclical change of the stages of “extraction-relaxation”, and adjust the treatment method according to indications throughout the course.

Constructively, the main complexes produced by us consist of:

  • large baths;
  • electric hoist with a bed for the patient;
  • mechanical or electronic spine extraction system;
  • a set of chest and lumbar corsets (bandages);
  • additional devices (portable stage, removable head restraint, etc)

A separate direction of our work is the automatic intelligent vertical spine extraction system designed for installation in pools with both fresh and mineral water. When creating this system, all the wishes of specialists in working with this technique were taken into account.

Аппараты для вытяжения позвоночника Физиотехника

The complex provides traction of all parts of the spine, including the cervical, and is able to wave the pull force (the program “slide”). For each patient, you can enter your own algorithms of the procedure, memorized by the control computer.

Optionally available to our customers and systems of underwater hydromassage and air massage for additional muscle relaxation.

All machines for stretching the spine are manufactured according to the specifications of each particular customer.

The body of the bath made of high-strength fiberglass is resistant to aggressive media (highly mineralized waters) — the bed is designed for a service life of not less than ten years.

At the same time, our high-quality, high-tech, comfortable physiotherapy complexes for underwater stretching of the spine are sold at affordable prices.

Application of spine extraction systems

Indications for the use of traction therapy:

  • degenerative - dystrophic processes in the spine (osteochondrosis, spondyloarthrosis);
  • protrusion and intervertebral hernia;
  • sciatica, lumbago, iscias;
  • kyphosis and scoliosis;
  • ankylosing spondylitis (Bechterev's disease) in the initial stage;
  • muscle spasm and post-traumatic pain.

Counter indications

  • child or old age (less than 15 or over 50 years);
  • pregnancy;
  • infectious diseases;
  • acute pain syndrome;
  • Kidney and/or cardiovascular diseases;
  • tumors or metastases in the spine.

Do not try to pull the spine at home with the help of improvised means - you can cause irreparable harm. Extraction should be carried out as prescribed and under the supervision of a doctor, who will pick up the required load and assign the number of sessions.

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