Carbon dioxide concentration in the bath
5-55 %
Temperature range
Maximum power
3,5 kW.
Функция быстрого удаления газо-воздушной смеси
1 мин. 15 сек.
От 5 436 €

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Effects of carbon dioxide bath on the body

Carbon dioxide baths (human immersion in carbon dioxide mineral water) are an active complex balneological procedure where the main elements are carbon dioxide, $ but preventive and curative effects are achieved due to several factors: chemical (carbon dioxide), temperature (procedures can be hot and cold) and mechanical (massage) carbon dioxide bubbles).

Carbon acid acts on receptors, increasing the activity of thermal and inhibiting the activity of cold, so that capillaries expand, activates blood flow, reduces the tone of vessels. In turn, it reduces blood pressure, stops attacks of angina pectoris, dizziness, restores coordination of movements, improves sleep quality, eliminates insomnia.

Under the influence of the course of procedures, brain activity increases due to reduction of the level of noradrenaline under the influence of carbon dioxide in the diencephalic parts and walls of cerebral vessels. Oxygen supply is enhanced and nutrition of all internal organs and systems of the body is improved. The level of harmful cholesterol is significantly reduced, the content of low-density lipoproteins in patients suffering from atherosclerosis is reduced, and the removal of excess fat is activated.


The main indication for the appointment of carbon dioxide baths are cardiovascular diseases. They are shown after myocarditis, cardiosclerosis, in the initial stages of hypertension and CHD. In addition, courses of such procedures treat diseases of the central nervous system, pathology of the genital and thyroid glands. They are also prescribed for bronchopulmonary diseases (asthma, chronic bronchitis), varicose veins, metabolic disorders (including diabetes).

Carbon dioxide baths are contraindicated when:

Contraindicated procedures with carbon dioxide in infectious diseases, nephritis, neurosis, chronic renal failure, in the active phase of rheumatism and in menopause, when pronounced angioephrotic phenomena.

It is clear that only the attending physician can determine the need for such procedures taking into account your personal contraindications.

In more detail the mechanism of exposure to carbon dioxide on the body and the possibilities of its application are described in thisarticle.

Dry carbon dioxide baths

Dry carbon dioxide baths are a procedure of exposure to the body by carbon dioxide alone, without the stress of the aquatic environment. It is usually used in the case of a severe course of a number of diseases. Dry procedures can also be prescribed for the treatment of skin diseases (psoriasis, eczema, dermatitis, neurodermatitis), diseases of the musculoskeletal system (inflammation of the joints, polyarthritis, osteochondrosis and others), gynecological inflammatory diseases.

In addition to the classic balneological bath, we can offer you to buy a dry carbon dioxide bath with additional functions. Carbon dioxide is supplied in this procedure in combination with warm water vapor, which moisturizes the patient's skin, expands pores, contributing to an increase in the transdermal penetration of carbon dioxide in the the body of the patient.

The peculiarity of our steam bath, which has no analogues, is the unique method of steam supply. With its help, the required temperature and humidity of the steam and gas mixture is constantly maintained, as well as heating the seat and the bath bed is carried out. In addition, it is possible to add aromatic medicines and healing mud during the procedure, combining “soft” steam carbon dioxide treatments with aromatherapy and peloid therapy.

In addition to baths, you can separately purchase a saturator - a device for saturation of water with carbon dioxide during the preparation of therapeutic carbon dioxide baths.

Needless to remind, we guarantee the quality, reliability and durability of all our products.


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