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Volume of the Bath:
80 l
Number hydronozzles:
16 pcs
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“Istra-N” foot vortex bath is designed for vortex hydromassage of feet in fresh or slightly mineralized water.

Local foot baths (sulfide, radon, etc.) are used as independent treatments and as an addition to common baths. 4-chamber baths are much more easily tolerated by patients than general baths and can be used in a number of cases with concomitant diseases of the cardiovascular and central nervous systems. Local baths are used in diseases of the skin and the musculoskeletal system of limbs, lesions of the peripheral nervous system, endarteritis.

Vortex bath perfectly helps with angiopathy of the lower extremities, pelvic diseases, reduces pain syndrome in ankle, knee and hip joints, relieves fatigue, is indicated for “cold legs| syndrome, as well as for rehabilitation after injuries.

The body of “Istra-N” foot bath is made of high-strength fiberglass, resistant to aggressive environments, including highly mineralized waters. The thickness of the layer of 10 mm guarantees the lifetime of the bed for more than 10 years.

The anatomical shape of the bath makes it possible to take procedures as comfortable as possible.

“Istra-N” foot bath can be additionally equipped with taps for mineral water*, as well as a pearl grille with compressed air tap* (for connection to external air feed system, i.e. compressor). In case of using highly mineralized water, it is possible to install special fittings for aggressive environments*.


“Istra-N” vortex foot bath is equipped with 16 hydromassage nozzles located along the perimeter of the bath. The intensity of the effects of water jets is regulated by a special function of air supply to the system.

The body of “Istra-N” bath (bed and side panels), can be made in any color version according to the RAL palette*. The standard colors of the basic equipment are blue (RAL 5012) or white (RAL 9003).

For comfortable procedures, you need a height-adjustable chair with a moisture-resistant covering*. For patients with disabilities, “Physiotechnica” company offers a special automatic lift for chamber baths*.

 * - additional options not included in the standard package

Technical specifications

Total volume of the Bath, l 100±5%
Useful volume of the Bath, l 80±5%
Hot and cold water connection pipe 1/2"
Overall dimensions of the bath (LxWxH), mm 990х970х750
Bath filling time, min 
* At a pressure of water in the supply pipe 4.5 bar.
Bath drain time, min 2-3
Diameter of drain hole, mm 50
Weight of the standard package of the bath, kg 65
Rated voltage, V 220-240
Maximum power consumption, W 1700
Noise level, dBA 60

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