“Ladoga” hydrotherapy bath (480/340 l)

“Ladoga” hydrotherapy bath (480/340 l)

150 kg
Useful volume:
340 l
Overall dimensions of the bath (LxWxH):
2060х980х950 mm
Внутренние (наибольшие) размеры ванны (ДхШхВ), мм:
from 3 491 €

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Types of medical baths*

Medical bath is the general name of a therapeutic or hygienic procedure during which the patient's body is immersed completely or partially in water or other environment.

In this section we consider mainly hydrotherapy baths, although some of our baths are universal: they can also be used for balneological procedures.

They can be taken: carbon dioxide, hydrogen sulfide, nitrogen, turpentine, licorice and other baths. Hydrotherapy baths have a wide range of therapeutic and therapeutic effects on the body. Depending on the temperature of the water used, distinguish between cold (less than 20 °C), cool (20-33 °C), indifference temperature (33-36 °C), warm (37-39 °C) and hot (over 40 °C) bath.

Therapeutic effect of the temperature of the medical bath

Baths with water temperature below body temperature stimulate metabolism and tone the nervous and cardiovascular system of patients.

Baths of temperature close to the normal temperature of the body, usually used in diseases of the cardiovascular system and various types of neuroses.

Thermal baths are mainly used for the treatment of chronic inflammatory diseases of the musculoskeletal system and peripheral nervous system.

Hot baths are prescribed to increase metabolism, as well as in some kidney diseases.

In some cases, contrast baths (with a change of cold and hot water) and baths with a gradual increase in temperature may also be used.

Purpose of hydrotherapy procedures

Of course, the appointment of hydrotherapy procedures should be carried out only by the attending physician, since improper use of baths can even aggravate the unhealthy condition of the patient.

Buy a medical bath is best from the manufacturer, because we can offer you combination devices, which together with the exposure to common baths allow you to apply and additional ones. for example, massage (hydromassage, air massage, etc.).

Different modifications of medical baths provide such possibilities in the basic configuration or optionally - at your request.

Most of our products are equipped with both hydronozzles and nozzles with bubble holes, which makes it possible to carry out:

  • zonal hydromassage with the possibility of activation of a pulsation mode;
  • independent air massage
  • complex massage with simultaneous operation of both types of nozzles;
  • consecutive change of hydro massage and air massage programs.

Chromotherapy systems can also be integrated as options (one LED lamp or WaterLight backlight system of 32 LEDs along the perimeter of the bath).

Our products are distinguished by good quality, high reliability, durability and comfort for patients - anatomical bed, headrests, foot stops make the reception of hydrotherapy baths not only useful but also pleasant procedure.

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