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“Vuoksa” Charcot’s shower (model “Optima”) is designed for jet, fan and contrast Scottish showers.  

Charcot’s jet shower and its variety, Scottish (contrast) shower, are used:

  • to increase muscle tonus,
  • to reduce the thickness of the fat layer (including cellulite),
  • for spine osteochondrosis and primary osteoarthritis of large joints,
  • for complex therapy of neuroses, neurasthenic states, neurocirculatory dystonia, I-II degree arterial hypertension,
  • for neurogenic forms of impotence,
  • for insomnia,
  • for treatment of constipation associated with decreased bowel tonus,
  • with lumbar muscle myositis, lumbosacral radiculitis,
  • for unstable vessel tonus
  • for chronic fatigue syndrome
  • as well as a physioprophylaxis method.

“Vuoksa” Charcot’s shower (model “Optima”)is a floor installation, the body of which is made of high-strength fiberglass. On the control panel there are2 nozzleswith polymer tips,2 pressure gauges(to adjust the pressure in each of the massage jets), 2 thermometers(for temperature control during the procedure), as well as2 tap water supply. On the back of the body there are2 ¾” thermostatic mixers, which make it easier to adjust the temperature during the procedure and protect the patient from possible thermal burns in the event of water pressure surges in the supply pipelines. 
For the convenience of medical personnel, the jet shower unit is equipped with special armrests. 
The operating pressure of the jet shower procedure is from 1.5 to 3 atm and is determined by medical indications and individual tolerances of the patient. The required pressure in the supply pipelines is about 5 atm. In case of insufficient or unstable pressure in the network pipeline, “Physiotechnica” company offers a pumping station as auxiliary equipment to increase water pressure
The body of the control panel of “Vuoksa” Charcot’s shower (model “Optima”)can be made in any color version according to RAL palette*, which allows you to satisfy various requirements of the author's design. The standard colors of the basic equipment are blue (RAL 5012) or white (RAL 9003). 
For the convenience of the patient during the procedure and protection of the wall covering of the treatment room, “Physiotechnica” company recommends a repulse screen for Charcot’s shower* with a horizontal stainless steel handrail.

  • - additional options not included in the standard package

Technical specifications

Hot water connection (pipe diameter) 1 х 3/4" (right thermostat)
  1 х 3/4" (left thermostat)
Cold water connection (pipe diameter) 1 х 3/4" (right thermostat)
  1 х 3/4" (left thermostat)
Overall dimensions (LxWxH, mm) 1030х670х1100
Maximum water consumption per minute, l/min 60
Pressure bar (kgf/cm²):  
Required pressure in the supply pipeline 5 to 6
Operating pressure of the procedure 1,5 to 3
Weight of equipment, kg 40

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