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Device for water saturation with carbon dioxide CDSD (saturator) is designed for preparation of therapeutic carbon dioxide baths.
A wide range of indications allows the incorporation of carbon dioxide bath procedures into various rehabilitation and restorative programs 
Carbon acid acts on skin receptors, which leads to reflex relaxation of capillaries and arterioles located in it. This effect is retained for another 20 minutes after the procedure is completed. Prolonged vascular expansion improves peripheral circulation, palpitations and increases the strength of cardiac muscle contraction and ultimately increases blood saturation oxygen.
Changes in blood pressure during the procedure depend on the temperature of the water. It was found that carbon dioxide baths with a temperature of 32-35ºС have a braking effect on vasomotor centers and cause pressure reduction. Such procedures are recommended for patients with hypertension. But cool baths (25-27ºС) increase the pressure, so they are more suitable for hypotonics.

Indications for use: diseases of the cardiovascular system, respiratory organs, neurasthenia, chronic inflammatory diseases, metabolic disorders, sports medicine.

One CO2 container is sufficient for 80 treatments.
Device capacity - from 20 l/min depending on the water pressure in the supply line
We produce two types of devices:
saturator for wall or rack mounting
- A saturator built-in in the bath 

The package includes:

  • Wall panel assembly with a CDSD
  • Water hose 2.6 m.
  • Gas supply hose 2.5m.
  • Nozzle
  • Flexible hose “Giant” 3/4" N/V 80cm
  • Gas heater PGS-220V
  • Gas reducer UR-6-6

CO2 container is not included:

Overall dimensions LxWxH, mm

(750+5) Х (420+5) Х (270+10)

Weight, kg


Temperature of cold water supplied to the device, ºС

+10  +5

Consumption of carbon dioxide saturated cold water supplied with initial pressure (200+50) kPa (2+0.5 kgf/cm2) and temperature (10+5) ºC, dm3/min


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