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The tank for therapeutic solutions (for irrigation) is designed for use in medical and preventive and health resort institutions for medical and preventive procedures.

The tank is designed for intestinal and gynecological irrigation.

The design of the barrel allows for a simple and hygienic procedure.

A simple way to adjust the pressure of the tap drain from the tank is used.

The tank is recommended to use with a couch for gynecological or intestinal irrigation.

Consumables (nozzles) are selected individually depending on the procedure (hose diameter 10 mm).

Irrigation is carried out with mineral water with a low concentration of trace elements. Conventional tap water is not suitable for this, as well as highly mineralized, as it can irritate the intestinal mucosa and cause discomfort to the patient. Depending on the indications, medicines may be added to the water.

Irrigation with mineral water has an anti-inflammatory and desensitizing effect. Increases immunoprotective capabilities, has a pronounced analgesic and neurotrophic effect, activates the reproductive apparatus of women, regulates menstrual function, stimulates both phases menstrual cycle, strengthens the secretory function of the cervical glands, improves the degree of vaginal purity, regulates ovulation, lactation, sexual sphere.



Name of the characteristic



Hot and cold water connection (mineral water)

pipe 1/2"


Weight of tank, kg



Overall dimensions of the Unit (LxWxH), mm:



Installation height, mm



The maximum volume of water in the container, l


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