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The chamber bath chair is designed to lift, move and immerse a person in the bath, including those with limited physical abilities.

Placement of the patient during the procedures is carried out in vortex and 4-chamber baths of various functions.

The chair can be used in physiotherapy departments of hospitals, polyclinics, rehabilitation and health centers, health resorts and other general therapeutic and prophylactic institutions.

The chair seat is made of high quality fiberglass, and the frame and frame of the backrest and armrests are made of high-quality mirror stainless steel. Due to this, this equipment can withstand operation in rooms with high humidity, as well as carrying out procedures with aggressive media and mineral waters.

The seat of the chair is adjustable in height by means of a screw mechanism. Rotatable wheels have rubberized rollers and stopper, which makes on the one hand ease of movement of the chair, and on the other - reliable fixation in the necessary place.


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