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The mobile couch is designed to move the patient in a horizontal position from the complex of underwater horizontal spine traction to a place of post-treatment rest, and is recommended as an auxiliary equipment. 

The couch is a structure consisting of a metal frame made of high quality stainless steel with a single section soft bed fixed on it. covered with moisture-proof material. Side handrails securely fix the patient during the movement of the couch. The swivel wheels provide high maneuverability of the equipment, and the presence of a stop function on each wheel causes a reliable fixation at the stop point.

After the procedure of stretching the couch is rolled to the bath in such a way that the bed of the lift and the bed of the couch form a single plane.

The patient is moved from the lift to the couch with minimal effort, then transported to another room for rest and recovery after the procedure.

Technical specifications

Weight of the couch, kg


Overall dimensions of the product (LxWxH), mm:


Overall dimensions of the couch bed (LxH, mm)


Maximum allowable load per couch, kg


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