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All types of bandages for “Atlanta” hydrotherapy complex are made of non-wetting PVC fabric VOVALON, sewn with water-resistant threads, flat rope resistant to stretching in the water. Cable connections — stainless steel carabiners and rings, plastic quick-release carabiners.  Corsets are made on people of standard constitution, size 42-58. Unfortunately, it is impossible to produce absolutely universal corset, so the manufacturer accepts orders for any size, according to the wishes of the buyer.

The set of bandages manufactured for the complex “Atlanta” includes:

  1. Bandage chest (small) - adjustment of the size by volume from 42 to 50, additionally made adjustment of supporting slings in length - 1pcs.
  2. Bandage chest (large) - adjustment of the size by volume from 52 to 62, additionally made adjustment of supporting slings in length - - 1pcs.
  3. Bandage lumbar (small) - size adjustment by volume from 38 to 50, additionally made adjustment of pulling slings along the length - - 1 pc.
  4. Bandage lumbar (large) - adjustment of the size by volume from 50 to 62, additionally made adjustment of the stretching slings along the length - - 1 pc.

If the equipment complex “Atlanta” with cervical traction, we are equipped with a bandage “Glisson Loop”, put on the head with emphasis on the chin, with cutouts for ears.

Instructions for working with corsets for stretching the spine in the bath Atlanta:

  • Put the corset on the patient. The length of the straps is required to avoid uneven stretching. Depending on the type of bath and corset, the chest bandage is attached to the side of the bath with an extension or directly with a carabiner. The lumbar corset ring should be at the knee level of the patient. It is allowed to use a textile t-shirt during the procedure, if there is discomfort in contact with leather and PVC fabric;
  • Put the patient on the lift and put in the bath to a level just below the edge of the water;
  • Attach the top corset and connect the cable to the bottom corset ring.  The length of the lumbar rope can be adjusted by the number of carabiners.  Note that the pulling cable may be 40 cm, which roughly corresponds to the length of the human leg.
  • Lower the patient to a level when a straight line is formed between the top mount and the bottom cable mount roller. As much as possible stretch the lumbar rope and attach it to the traction mechanism. Depending on the modification of the bath and the lift, the attachment points are located in different places on the body of the bath, and the traction is performed on the platform or with sagging 
  • After the end of the procedure, to remove corsets, use sockets to minimize patient movements

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