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Thermostatic mixer 1 ¼ DN 25is designed for installation in the department or on the wall, as a device for protection against temperature surges in the system water supply and precise water temperature selection for therapeutic procedures. Minimum flow rate, at which temperature accuracy is observed without errors, -10 lmin (separately included rain shower or rising shower production Physiotechnics), maximum — 140 litrovmin.

To achieve maximum water flow and create a pressure of 3 bar in a 1 14" pipe with no resistance, the pressure in the supply (GH) pipe shall be 5 bar. The maximum allowable pressure is 10 bar, the maximum temperature of hot water at the inlet is 80 0C, cold 5 0C. The pressure in the transmission lines shall not differ by more than 1 bar.

The mixer can be adjusted to the characteristics of the customer's water supply individually, by a qualified plumber, the factory units are designed for 3 bars in the drive pipelines, while Mixer scale adjustment is not required.


  • hidden mounting
  • Application area from 9l/min to 140l/min.
  • Thermoelement
  • Temperature selection handle with pre-installed safety stopper between 33°C and 43°C
  • device for improvement of thermal disinfecttion
  • Integrated check valves and mud trap filters in a single compact part
  • 1 1/4" connection thread
  • divert thread 1 1/4


Technical specifications

Flow rate, l/min 140 
Distance for water connection, mm 156 
Length mm 307
Connection, inch in/thread 1 1/4
Mixed water outlet, inch/thread 1 1/4
Diameter of decorative cup, mm 305
Depth of the hidden part, mm 94–119
Total depth, including decorative part, mm 221
Recommended inlet water pressure, Bar 3,5–6,0

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