Information about the company Physiotekhnika - a leading manufacturer of hydrotherapy equipment


Carbonic baths


Dry carbon dioxide bath "Geyser"                                                  Controlling the interface of the "Geyser" dry carbon dioxide bath



Steam carbonic bath "Okkervil Combi"                Report - Carbon dioxide baths as an effective means of rehabilitation


Hydrotherapy departments


Charcot Vuoks shower Optima model                                            Rising shower


Spine traction systems


Mechanical horizontal traction in a bathtub Atlanta                        Electronic horizontal traction in a bathtub Atlanta



 Vertical traction. Traction system "Aist"


Couches / baths of non-contact hydromassage


Couch of contactless hydromassage "Aquaspa"


Thermal therapy equipment


Kitchens for the preparation of fangoparaffin and ozokerite


Extremity baths

Vortex baths "Istra N" and "Istra R"


Medical hydrotherapy baths


Bath "Ladoga"                                       Swivel sitting bathtub "Neman"



Bath "Okkervil"                                                                               Bath "Gulf Stream"


Water-immersion baths

Dry floating bath "Poseidon"