One of the priorities of “Physiotechnica” company is the maintenance of equipment. Our own service team allows you to professionally solve the issues of maintenance, which ensures the trust of our customers.

Areas of activity of our service department:

  • Installation and commissioning of the supplied equipment.
  • Maintenance of the equipment with maintenance history and repairs, as well as preparation of a plan of routine work with timely notification of the customer about the necessity of carrying out works.
  • Adaptation of new equipment to existing or new technological process.
  • Warranty service of the equipment.
  • Post-warranty maintenance of equipment.
  • Conducting technical expertise with the issuance of technical opinion and recommendations for carrying out the necessary works.
  • Carrying out emergency, current and major repairs.
  • Supply of spare parts and accessories to the equipment.
  • Modernization of equipment to improve product quality or process change.
  • Conducting training of personnel to work with supplied equipment.
  • Advising clients on various technical issues related to the supplied equipment and purchase of spare parts.
  • Delivery of technical documentation.

The service department of “Physiotechnica” company employs highly qualified engineers who have been trained, practiced and certified for commissioning of equipment under our own “Physiotechnica” brand and who have extensive experience in the field of installation, adjustment and repair of equipment.

“Physiotechnica” company, supplying equipment of various complexity, sees its responsibility to ensure effective and safe operation on it.  Our specialists are ready to provide full and prompt information, advisory and technical support.

Contacts of our service department (only for technical questions): 

Zhuravlev Oleg - service manager
Tel.: +7 911 033 73 11
Service department of the  “PHYSIOTECHNICA” LLC in the Republic of Crimea:
Pishchansky Andrey - service manager
Tel.: +7 978 719 94 64